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What's to do?

Cropredy is a picturesque destination in the heart of England and a great base for discovering a wealth of places. 

  • For nature enthusiasts, meander along scenic walking trails and cycling routes that showcase the beauty of the countryside.

  • The tranquil waters of Cropredy Canal beckon, offering narrowboat rentals and Cropredy Marina perfect for leisurely strolls. 

  • Camp amidst nature's embrace or park your caravan in well-equipped facilities for a comfortable stay. 

  • Explore the rich history at Cropredy Church, a stunning architectural gem steeped in centuries-old stories. 

  • Delve into the dramatic past at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, a pivotal moment in English Civil War history. 

  • And don't miss out on the nearby places to visit, shopping spots and unique sightseeing opportunities that add an extra layer of charm to your visit. 

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Walking and Cycling

If you live locally you will know there are lots of quiet roads to cycle, and beautiful canal paths to walk along in both directions from Cropredy. 

Why not park the car by Banbury's new Castle Quay Shopping Centre, alongside the Oxford Canal, and walk through the beautiful North Oxford countryside to Cropredy and the Brasenose Arms, approximately 5 miles northeast. A warm welcome awaits you and any furry legged companions.

If you don't know the area so well, download the Walks from the Oxford Canal leaflet to discover more of what Banbury, Cropredy and the surrounding villages offer. 

If you are are a member of a walking, cycling, running, boating or sporting club or group, and looking for a friendly place to meet regularly where your members will be well looked after,  give us a call to discuss on 01295 750244.

The Canal and Cropredy Marina

For those eager to embark on a cruising adventure, you'll have access to the southern expanse of the English canal network, along with the opportunity to navigate the Thames and beyond.

The  Oxford Canal and the River Cherwell flow side by side. The canal opened in Cropredy in 1790 and became a local hub for trade. Remnants of its  past can still be seen today - the old coal wharf, corn granary, and the brickworks where goods were loaded up and sent on their way. The Toll Office, still stands by the canal's snug stretch.

Cropredy Marina is a haven that offers all the essential amenities of a top-notch marina.  With numerous cruising routes at your disposal there's no shortage of delights to explore.

The marina boasts an impressive 355 berths across three wide basins, ensuring ample space for all sizes of narrowboat. Its generous proportions allow ease of manoeuvrability for all size of vessel. All pontoons are fully serviced providing electricity, water and wi-fi, with diesel, gas, coal, pump-out, and elsan available at the service quay.

For more information on the marina and narrowboat hire visit the Cropredy Marina website

The Battle of Cropredy Bridge

During the English Civil War in late 1644, King Charles made Oxford his wartime capital. Although it had been agreed he would remain on the defensive in Oxford, he was in imminent danger of being surrounded and besieged.

The King decided to leave Oxford and on Saturday, 29 June, Charles's army began marching north along the east side of the River Cherwell shadowed by the Roundheads across the water.  As they approached Cropredy, Charles ordered a small detachment of dragoons to seize Cropredy bridge over the Cherwell.


A battle ensued over the bridge throughout the day. Despite some victories, the king's train was low in food and supplies and the Royalists slipped away under the cover of night, taking guns they'd captured with them. While the Royalists had suffered few casualties, the Roundheads had lost 700 men, many having deserted immediately after the battle.


More details can be found through the Battle Fields Trust. If you're an avid history fan the site of the very first battle of the English Civil War, The Battle of Edgehill, is less than 9 miles away.  

Photograph: Colin Hart

Battle of Cropredy Bridge - Chris Cox_ed

Re-enactments by the Sealed Knot took place in 2019, for the 375th Anniversary and prior to that in 1983.

Photograph: Chris Cox

St Mary, the Virgin in Cropredy

A testament to history, the church boasts architectural wonders dating back centuries.

The South Aisle, a marvel from around 1050, and the Sanctuary, in its current form, emanates the spirit of the 14th century.


The tower's lower stage, a masterpiece from the 15th century, was further embellished with the belfry some 80 years later. The clock, its 14ft pendulum of aged wood, marks the passage of time since 1831. Eight resounding bells grace the tower; six were installed during the 17th century, while Fairport and Villager, the latest additions, resonate with the echoes of 2007, a tribute to the enduring bond between the church and the Fairport's Cropredy Convention festival.

The Millennium Tapestry, a vivid tableau of village life, captures the essence of a thousand years. In the South Aisle, a replica of armor from the historic Battle of Cropredy stands as a reminder, the originals lost to time.

St. Mary the Virgin in Cropredy, welcomes visitors every day from 9:30 am until dusk, providing a serene space for private prayer and quiet contemplation.

Nearby Shopping & Sight Seeing 


Approximately 6 miles, 15 minutes

Offers a diverse shopping scene. The Castle Quay Shopping Centre hosts an array of stores and dining options, catering to varied tastes.


The bustling Banbury Market, with its array of local wares, adds charm to the town.


Noteworthy attractions include the historic Banbury Cross and the picturesque Tooley's Boatyard, a gem along the tranquil Oxford Canal.

Approximately 30 miles, 45 minutes

Birthplace of Shakespeare, combines literary history with vibrant commerce. Henley Street is lined with charming shops and cafes. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre offers world-class performances. Anne Hathaway's Cottage and Shakespeare's Birthplace provide insight into the bard's life.


The picturesque River Avon invites leisurely strolls. Additionally, the Tudor architecture and Holy Trinity Church add to the town's timeless appeal.


Approximately 25 miles, 40 minutes

Steeped in academia and history, offers a captivating blend of shopping and cultural attractions. The Westgate Shopping Centre caters to modern tastes, while the historic Covered Market houses an array of unique boutiques.


Visitors are drawn to iconic landmarks like the Bodleian Library, Christ Church College, and the lush Botanic Garden. Exploring the Ashmolean Museum and punting on the River Cherwell are also cherished experiences.

Sightseeing - Oxford - anna-b-13010244_e

Leamington Spa
Approximately 23 miles, 40 minutes

A charming town in Warwickshire, combines elegance with a vibrant shopping scene. The Royal Priors Shopping Centre features a range of shops and eateries in a picturesque setting. Explore the Jephson Gardens, a haven of tranquility, and the Royal Pump Rooms for cultural enrichment. A


Additionally, the town's Regency architecture and the relaxing Leam River provide a unique atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Sightseeing - Royal_Pump_Rooms,_Leamingt

Approximately 20 miles, 35 minutes

Historic county town of Warwickshire, offers a delightful blend of history and shopping. The Market Hall Museum showcases the town's rich heritage. Stroll along Smith Street for unique boutiques and eateries.


Warwick Castle, a medieval masterpiece, stands as a prominent attraction. The Collegiate Church of St Mary and the tranquil St. Nicholas Park are also must-see spots, adding to the town's allure.

Approximately 18 miles, 30 minutes.

Exudes historic charm and modern appeal. The magnificent Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill, stands as the town's crowning jewel.


Woodstock's streets are lined with unique boutiques, antique shops, and delightful eateries. The Oxfordshire Museum provides insight into the area's heritage. With its blend of heritage and commerce, Woodstock offers a captivating experience for visitors and locals alike.

Sightseeing - Warwick_Castle_-_Caesar's_

Approximately 29 miles, 45 minutes

Famous for its Grand Prix circuit, offers more than just racing excitement. The Silverstone Experience is an immersive journey through British motorsport history.


Nearby Towcester provides quaint boutiques and shops. The tranquil Whittlebury Park Golf and Country Club offers a relaxing escape, making Silverstone a destination for both motorsport enthusiasts and those seeking leisure.


Approximately 19 miles, 30 minutes

Renowned for its world-class shopping experience. Bicester Village, an upscale outlet shopping destination, features a plethora of luxury brands.


The historic Bicester Heritage houses a collection of vintage vehicles and aviation artifacts, appealing to enthusiasts.


Additionally, St. Edburg's Church and Garth Park provide cultural and recreational attractions for residents and visitors alike.

Approximately 26 miles, 40 minutes

Known for the sport's birthplace, offers a diverse range of attractions. The Rugby School, where the sport originated, holds historical significance.


The town centre features a mix of shops, including Rugby Central Shopping Centre. Caldecott Park offers a tranquil escape. The Rugby Art Gallery and Museum provide cultural enrichment. With its rich history and modern amenities, Rugby offers a well-rounded experience.

Please note that these are approximate distances and times and can vary depending on traffic and road conditions.

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